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Independent Bed Bug Detection Service

We are an independent bed bug detection contractor and are not affiliated with any pest control companies. Since we are not involved in the bedbug treatment process, we have nothing to gain by saying you have bed bugs or not. Upon completion of our inspection, you will receive an honest assessment of your bed bug status from our bed bug detection team.

In response to the national bed bug infestation problem,
keeping Ohio and the Midwest safe from bedbug bites!

In response to the exponential growth of bed bug infestations in Ohio and the midwest, we are here to provide you with the latest technology in this battle against bedbugs.....bed bug detection services by a nationally certified bed bug detection team. A trained pest control specialist , such that you would find at a pest control company has roughly a 30% chance of finding a bed bug infestation during a room search which could take up to an hour. A certified K9 bed bug detection team has up to a 97% likelihood of finding the infestation and is capable of searching this same room in a couple of minutes. If a bed bug infestation is found during a search, the detection team will narrow it down to specific areas of your building. This will allow your pest control specialist to reduce the amount of area they will treat, decrease the amount of chemicals used and provide a significant cost savings to you. If our bedbug detection team does not find any bed bugs, you can rest much easier without worring about bed bug bites and the spraying of harsh chemicals!

Buckeye Bed Bug Detection

As a locally based Columbus, Ohio woman owned business providing bed bug inspection and detection services, our bedbug detection team travels to Columbus, Cincinnati, Athens, Chillicothe, Circleville, Nelsonville, Logan, Zanesville, and throughout Ohio detecting bedbug infestations. We can help you locate bedbug infestations and prevent bed bug bites by early identification of bedbug infestations in the home, office, hotel, motel rooms, or anywhere else before the infestation spreads further.

Our nationally certified bed bug detection team travels throughout Ohio and the surrounding states detecting bedbugs in homes, hotels, businesses, hospitals and anywhere people gather.

As an Ohio bed bug detection service, we provide confidential bed bug detection services in Columbus, Cincinnati, Athens, Chillicothe, Circleville, Nelsonville, Logan, Zanesville, and throughout Ohio.

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