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Bed Bug Detection Pricing

Bed bug detection in Columbus, Central, Southern, and Southeastern Ohio. Have dog, will travel!

We are an independent contractor and are not affiliated with any pest control companies. Since we are not involved in the treatment process, we have nothing to gain by saying you have bed bugs or not. Upon completion of our canine bedbug inspection, you will receive an honest, un-biased assessment of your bed bug status.

Residential Inspection

  • Residential rates are based upon the number of rooms to be searched.
  • The rate for a three bedroom (0r less) residence is our $200 minimum. This rate will increase proportionally for additional rooms and/or large homes/residences.
  • Please call to discuss specific pricing.


Commercial Inspection

Commercial bed bug inspection of hotel rooms, motels, apartments, comdominiums, offices and more
  • Multiple apartments/condominiums/hotel room bedbug inspection rates can vary from $10 to $35 per unit depending on their size and number of rooms in the unit.
  • The minimum charge per inspection is $200.
  • Special rate considerations are available for jobs consisting of a large number of units.
  • Please call to discuss specific pricing.


Miscellaneous Inspection Rates

  • Any items not mentioned above can be inspected upon your request (such as vehicles, boats, theaters, campers, stores & more.).
  • Please call so we can discuss your situation and specific pricing.


Travel expenses will be incurred for bedbug inspections performed outside the following Ohio counties: Franklin, Fairfield, Delaware, Hocking, Licking, Perry, & Pickaway. Any jobs requiring an overnight stay shall include a $100 per night charge.

Pre-Bedbug Inspection Checklist

Please read the checklist below and prepare your search areas accordingly before the arrival of the handler team. This checklist will be reviewed prior to the commencement of any searches.

  • The canine handler will first assess the areas to be searched.
  • Any pets and litter boxes need to be removed to an area not involved in the search.
  • The handler team will not move items during their inspection and will search the premises "as is".  If there is a specific area/item you want searched, it needs to fully accessible upon our arrival.
  • Toys of any sort, pet food, human food, water and all medications can not be accessible to the bed bug detection canine.
  • Noise and human distraction must be minimized to create the most effective search environment for the handler team.
  • Air conditioners, heaters and all fans must be turned off 30 minutes prior to the handler team's arrival.  All windows need to be closed as well.
  • Extinguish all smoking materials within the home 2 hours prior to the inspection.  This includes any air freshener products such as plug-ins.
  • In order to keep the dog focused on the job at hand, any socializing must wait until after the search is complete.

Once the above conditions are met, the bed bug detection canine will perform at its' highest possible accuracy rate. However, if the handler deems the search area to be hazardous to the canine, Buckeye Bed Bug Detection reserves the right not to search the area in question.

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