have dog, will travel…no bugs this time!

This week we drove two hours each way to inspect a home for an individual. This person once lived in an apartment and had a bad experience with bed bugs. A neighbor in an adjacent unit had a heavy infestation and was self-treating with foggers/bed bug bombs. The bugs, instead of being killed, were being pushed into other areas and into other peoples apartments.

Having undergone treatment and eventually moving, this person couldn’t escape the fear that they may have brought bed bugs with them in their move. The mental and emotional burden that bed bugs can cause is quite traumatic. People describe waking at night and fearing that they woke due to a bug biting them. Many also describe the constant self-evaluation of their skin for potential marks and/or bites.

We were able to provide peace of mind that there were not any bed bugs at the new residence. I like it when the story has a happy ending!

Have dog, will travel ~ Jenn

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