bed bugs finally died (this time)

Sometimes this type of work is super rewarding; other times it seems to just tug on those heart strings and make me wish I could do more. Without elaborating too much, I had the pleasure of meeting this amazing older couple. Strong marriage. Great family. Super house in a nice established neighborhood. They found bed bugs months ago in their master bedroom. Neither was noticing symptoms or signs of the bites. They were accustomed to “do it yourself” projects, and attempted this one as well. They bought over-the-counter remedies and began a lengthy and costly self-treatment process. So many people assume that there must be “truth in advertising” and that the claims on these worthless bottles will actually hold true.

Months later, they were still battling the bed bugs. The bugs were now in two bedrooms, the living room, the master bath and the laundry room. The couple had begun sleeping on their outdoor chaise lounges (in the family room) to try to find peace.

On the positive side, they hired a reputable company to heat treat the house for them. When we took the dogs through after the treatment, we did not find any “residual” bugs.

Have dog, will travel ~ Jenn

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