Bed Bugs ongoing in Chicago Police station

Bed Bug Infestation At Chicago Police Headquarters Leads To Investigation

I am certain that some people would find it shocking that there are bed bugs in public buildings such as this, especially since there is an obvious lack of beds (they are called “bed bugs”, right??) What bed bug prefer over beds is people. They are driven by their need to feed, which pushes them to be near us. I have seen bed bugs in a County Courthouse, a museum, a funeral home, libraries, day cares and countless more obvious places (hospitals, doctors offices, airports…)

I have placed the fate of my family’s financial well-being in a bug. Why? Because they continue to spread and be more pervasive. They continue to mutate to evade treatment methods. They are a plague on our society (just one of many these days.) These dogs are one of the best tools to track, identify and eventually eliminate bed bugs.

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