Ohio Bed Bug Detection Service for Preventing Bed Bug Infestations in Multi-Unit Buildings

Columbus and Central Ohio Bed Bug detection service for hotels, motels, office buildings, condos, and apartment buildingsWhether you are managing a Hotel, Motel, Apartment Building, Condominium Complex or office building, bed bug infestations should be an area of major concern. Failure to discover a bed bug infestation early in your multi-unit building can lead to substantial expenses both for management as well as the tenants. This is particularly significant due to the ability of bedbugs to spread from unit to unit, office to office, or room to room. Therefore, if one room, unit, or office becomes exposed or infested with bedbugs the rest of the building is more susceptible to becoming infested with those bed bugs simply due to the proximity.

Bed bugs can travel a range of approximately 100 feet to feed. Therefore, in addition to the parasitic insects infesting in or around beds or other furniture where they feed, they get behind outlets, cracks in walls and floor boards, in carpeting, under doors into hallways, and just about anywhere else you can imagine. Because bed bugs can travel on their own accord as well as on people and items which may be taken from one place to another, bed bug infestations in hotels, motels, apartments, offices, and other multi-unit buildings have a high tendency to spread quickly. This type of environment is also more susceptible to initial bed bug infestations due to the number of visitors that pass through any or all of the areas.

Adding to the significance of prevention and early discovery is the fact that even a minor infestation can rapidly grow, since each female bed bug can lay over 500 eggs per month. This adds the importance for multi-unit building managers to take proactive steps in bed bug detection. For both proactive bed bug inspections, and in reactive bedbug inspections in response to possible infestations of bed bugs, the most successful method to locate bed bug infestations is through use of a Canine Bed Bug Detection Team. The bed bug detection dog and its trainer can search a room within a matter of just a few minutes with a 97% rate of accuracy in determining if there is a bed bug infestation and locating it, while even a well-trained pest control specialist can take a couple of hours of searching with an accuracy rate of only about 30%.


In addition to handling as-needed bed bug detection services when a homeowner, renter, tenant, guest or someone else feels that there may be a bed bug problem, the canine bed bug inspection team at Buckeye Bed Bug Detection helps property owners and building managers by setting up regular bed bug inspections as part of the regular property maintenance. This proactive approach assures that the property is bed bug free, and allows us to catch any bed bug infestation before it spreads throughout the multi-unit building and causes substantial extermination expenses to be incurred.

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