Bed Bug Detection Services

Bed bug detection in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and throughout Ohio and the surrounding states

We are an independant contractor and are not affiliated with any pest control companies. Since we are not involved in the treatment process, we have nothing to gain by saying you have bed bugs or not. Upon completion of our inspection, you will receive an honest assessment of your bed bug status from our handler team.

Proactive Service - regulary scheduled inspections for your property

picture Based upon your needs, we can customize an inspection schedule for your property on a yearly, quarterly or even monthly basis. This proactive service will be the same as our reactive service but take place on scheduled intervals. As the world becomes more educated about bed bugs, people will soon be on the lookout for places that are taking steps to ensure they are bed bug free. With regularly scheduled inspections, we can provide you with documentation of our work which will demonstrate you have made a concerted effort to keep your property free of bed bugs. This type of proactive action can help establish loyal customers and may assist in limiting your liability in case of a lawsuit.


Reactive Service - you think/know there is a problem


Once you have contacted us and scheduled an inspection, we will search your building/property to determine which rooms/areas are possibly infested. This information will greatly assist your pest control specialist's effectiveness by allowing them to target these specific areas. The information from our inspection will also result in additional benefits such as fewer chemicals used inside your building, a reduction in treatment time for the pest control specialist and a lower treatment bill for you!

Regardless of whether or not we inspected it prior to treatment, we can also inspect your building/property after it has been treated by a pest control specialist to determine if the bed bugs have been eliminated or not. Once again, time is a very important factor because there is no guarantee that treatment killed every bed bug. The quicker any surviving bed bugs are located, the faster your pest control specialist can apply another treatment to eradicate them. Depending on the treatment method used, our handler team would be able to perform a follow-up inspection the day after a heat treatment or 30 days after a chemical treatment.


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Based in Ohio, we provide bed bug detection in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland and throughout Ohio and the surrounding states.

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