Central Ohio Woman Owned Bed Bug Inspection Service

Buckeye Bed Bug Detection was the first of it's kind in Ohio. We opened our doors in 2010 with our first bed bug detection dog, Ollie (now retired and loving it!) Over the last decade in this industry our team has grown to three canine scent detection specialist, check out our Dog Bios to get to know our team.

Experienced Bed Bug Detection Service Since 2010

We have many years of experience, expertise and professionalism to accompany our handlers and dogs as they perform inspections throughout Ohio on a daily basis. Our knowledge is diversified. We have a foundation of general pest control that is layered with bed bugs and canine scent detection. This cross-training allows us to identify additional pest problems while we are on site. It also aids in proper pest identification (many people have been frightened by an insect sighting and we are able to visually identify the pest as something OTHER than a bed bug.)

We Specialize In Bed Bug Inspections, Can Provide On-Site Treatment For Commercial Locations

Buckeye Bed Bug Detection is licensed for commercial pest treatments. Maintaining our licensing keeps us in touch with the pest industry and its constant changes. Although licensed and trained, we choose not to perform residential treatments. You will never be pressured by our staff to purchase a treatment or other bed bug related products.

We are familiar with the various extermination / remediation methods and pest control companies throughout central Ohio. We will always answer your questions and try to help you navigate through choosing the right type of treatment and the best company in your vicinity.

Bed bugs can be a frightening topic for most. Education and knowledge are empowering ways to overcome bed bug fears. We provide on-site training and Q&A staff/employees.

Independent Bed Bug Detection Service

We are an independent bed bug detection contractor and are not affiliated with any pest control companies. Since we are not involved in the bedbug treatment process, we have nothing to gain by saying you have bed bugs or not. Upon completion of our inspection, you will receive an honest assessment of your bed bug status from our bed bug detection team.

In response to the national bed bug infestation problem, keeping Ohio and the Midwest safe from bedbug bites!

In response to the exponential growth of bed bug infestations in Ohio and the midwest, we are here to provide you with the latest technology in this battle against bedbugs.....bed bug detection services by a nationally certified bed bug detection team. A trained pest control specialist , such that you would find at a pest control company has roughly a 30% chance of finding a bed bug infestation during a room search which could take up to an hour. A certified K9 bed bug detection team has up to a 97% likelihood of finding the infestation and is capable of searching this same room in a couple of minutes. If a bed bug infestation is found during a search, the detection team will narrow it down to specific areas of your building. This will allow your pest control specialist to reduce the amount of area they will treat, decrease the amount of chemicals used and provide a significant cost savings to you. If our bedbug detection team does not find any bed bugs, you can rest much easier without worrying about bed bug bites and the spraying of harsh chemicals!