Hank The Tank

Bed Bug Detection Dog

Hank the Tank joined Buckeye Bed Bug Detection in 2015. He is hard worker and is just as cute as he is smart. His nose work is on point. He works well in a variety of different environments throughout Central Ohio and stays on task even when distractions are present. While one might think that he hunts bed bugs just because it is fun, he also hunts for the potential food rewards he receives. He has a sweet temperament to accompany his good looks and loves when his ears are rubbed.


Bed Bug Detection Dog

Copper is an energetic copper-nosed female beagle. She has a strong work drive and it is easy to see that she loves her job. Copper joined Buckeye Bed Bug Detection in 2017 at just two years of age and has been a scent detection dog since prior to her first birthday. One of Copper's best traits is her attention to detail while hunting bed bugs. This pretty freckled pooch follows both her nose and her instincts into every corner to ensure she doesn't miss an opportunity to identify the presence of bed bugs. Copper is very sensitive and gentle and loves to be held.


Bed Bug Detection Dog

Cocoa is truly one of a kind and was born on Election Day 2020. She is a young German Shorthaired Pointer from a family of working and hunting dogs. Cocoa is friendly and smart and loves road trips. Because of her intellect and high drive, she is a natural for scent detection.


Bed Bug Detection Dog - Retired

Ollie was the first bed bug dog in Ohio. He has been on so many adventures over the years while hunting bed bugs in the Buckeye state. Ollie is approaching 16 years of age and is enjoying his retirement chasing cats and napping on the sofa. While is hair is turning grey, he is still peppy and energetic at times. We wish Ollie could tell us of his life experiences while he was a scent detection dog...he certainly has had a long and exciting career.