Commercial Inspections

Bed Bugs Don't Belong at Your Business

Choose our commercial bed bug inspection today in Rushville, New Lexington, Mount Vernon, & Lancaster, OH or anywhere in-state

Bed bugs in the work place can cause stress, headaches and anxiety throughout the staff. We can help diffuse this situation quickly and discreetly. Our teams can determine if bed bugs are present and minimize treatment costs. Knowing that your building isn't "infested" can truly help calm associates and guests. Our team can inspect about 18,000 sq ft in an hour.

Bed bugs are nasty, especially if they live where you work. Uncover your unwanted guests today by calling Buckeye Bed Bug Detection. We provide proactive and reactive commercial bed bug inspections in Rushville, New Lexington, & Lancaster, OH and throughout the state. If you've seen bed bugs or heard about them in a review, choose our reactive inspection. We'll come to your business within 48 hours and have our dogs sniff around. For proactive solutions, we can schedule monthly or quarterly inspections to ensure your business is free of bed bugs at all times.

Our team will inspect any business building to find bed bugs if they are present.

Set up a commercial bed bug inspection today by calling 614-949-9058.