Healthcare Inspections

Keep Your Healthcare Facility Bed Bug-Free

Ask about our healthcare inspections in Rushville, New Lexington, Mount Vernon, & Lancaster, OH or anywhere in-state

Think your healthcare facility may have bed bugs? Call Buckeye Bed Bug Detection today. We offer a bed bug inspection service to healthcare facilities in Rushville, New Lexington, Mount Vernon, & Lancaster, OH, and throughout the state. Our team of handlers and scent detection dogs will come to your facility and provide a quality inspection with minimal interruption to routine activities. We can efficiently inspect dozens of rooms within a couple of hours.

Anywhere with lots of people is susceptible to bed bugs. This includes hospitals, skilled nursing, doctor's offices, and other similar locations. Our teams can inspect these sensitive areas with minimal disruption to the staff, public or patients. Using a scent detection canine can minimize downtime and room closures as well as minimizing the need for broader pesticide treatments.

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